Terms Personalization

Personal embroidery, conditions

  • Cancellation right does not apply to products with personal design, such as embroideries, flags, patches and texts.

  • Delivery time for normal Custom Made: 4-9 days

  • Delivery time for large order (10+ pcs.) and Logo: 7-18 days

  • Visualised images are only a rough preview of the final product. The final product may have minor discrepancies compared to the image.

  • We reserve our rights to decline to embroider inappropriate content.


Design-yourself-tool / Custom Made:

You can order caps and beanies with your own design at hatstoreworld.com/custom-made/. Use the Design-yourself-tool to create designs from image motifs, a variety of different fonts and your own logos.

Most caps can be embroidered at the front, the sides and the back. Beanies can be embroidered at the front and the back. Each model is different as to which of its sides can be embroidered. The Design-yourself-tool clearly shows which sides can be embroidered. Beanies can have embroidery at the front and the back. We are not able to embroider outside the “BORDERS” as shown in the Design-yourself-tool.


We can make patches with motifs and flags for most type of caps. Unfortunately, not all the flags in the world are available, but we are happy to take requests for motifs and flags.

Side embroidery:

We offer side embroidery for the majority of our products. Please note, when buying a side embroidery cap, it will only be embroidered on the sides, not the front or the back. For embroidery on the front and back, please refer to the Design-yourself-tool / Customer Made.


Current prices are summarised at: hatstoreworld.com/custom-made/


Changes can be made if our customer service is able to stop the order before it goes into production, thus it’s important to contact customer service immediately when a mistake is discovered. Always check the order confirmation carefully.

Logo orders already in production can be interrupted; this involves a logo handling cost of $25, however. 


We respect copyright and therefore reserve the right to cancel orders that violate copyrights.

When you upload a logo or a image on our home page, you also assure us that you have full and complete rights to use the logo or the image. When placing an order with us, you accept our terms of purchase and you indemnify us from any potential claims relating to violation of intellectual property rights and copyrights. You are and remain responsible for obtaining written consent to use the logo for commercial purposes, if such is or becomes required. As a result of this term of purchase, Hatstore is not liable for any costs relating to legal defence or any other costs arising in any possible court dealings.


We reserve ourselves for possible minor discrepancies in the product’s look, embroidery and design.

We reserve ourselves for printing or typing errors.

We always strive to make our images as realistic as possible; however, we cannot guarantee that your monitor is displaying the products correctly.

We reserve ourselves for possible delays caused by delivery companies or couriers.

We reserve ourselves for minor imperfections in round and square logos (not exactly round or not exactly square).