Create your own custom hat

✔ Delivery time: 4-9 days (Express 2-4 days)

✔ Logo: 7-18 days (Express 2-5 days)

✔ Caps of the highest quality

✔ Embroidered with the latest technology

Custom Made

Custom hats from Hatstore

At Hatstore, we offer you the opportunity to design your own hat. The hats that you can design come from Yupoong and New Era, ensuring the highest quality and a perfect fit. You can choose from several different hats, which differ in both the type of model and colour. Delivery time is very important for us. Therefore, we have the resources available to quickly produce your specially designed hat. This means that hats with personalised embroidery are delivered almost as quickly as our other hats. Sometimes it may take an extra day beyond the normal delivery time. So the delivery time for self-designed hats is still only 4-9 days.

We embroider our caps using top quality and ultra-modern equipment, ensuring that your cap is embroidered to the highest standard. When you design your own cap at Hatstore, you can choose from various different colours and fonts. The text you choose is entirely up to your imagination and resourcefulness. Our Custom Made designs can include embroidery on the front, back and side. You can also add text on two lines. If there are any issues, we will assist you. Contact us directly and we will respond promptly to your questions on how to design your own hat or cap.

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