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Bucket hats seamlessly blend fashion with comfort. At Hatstore, we're your go-to for all headwear essentials, especially the cool and casual bucket hat. Our collection has a diverse range of bucket hats from renowned brands, ensuring a perfect balance of style, comfort, and function.

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Bucket hat

A bucket hat is a hat with a wide, forward slanting brim. The hat is commonly made of high quality cotton such as denim or canvas. It is sometimes fitted with little eyelets at the top to improve ventilation. The bucket hat was created in the year 1900 and the first hats were mainly made of felt or wool fabric. These hats were worn by Irish farmers to protect them from rain. The bucket hats were waterproof thanks to the lanolin found in unwashed wool.

The bucket hat was adapted as a highly fashionable headwear item in the 1960s. They were commonly seen both as street fashion and on the catwalk. At this time, the hats were worn by members of the Mod subculture. The modern bucket hats have developed from a tropical hat made from olive-yellow cotton and worn by the American army during the Vietnam war. The lightweight bucket hats became popular among people in general but primarily in sports such as sport fishing, but also as a commonly worn sun protection.

Today the bucket hat is widely worn across cultures and areas of use. You can see them among skate-punk bands as well as on the beach. Bucket hats are highly popular. You can find you own favourite bucket hat here at Hatstore!